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2024 Ramadan Planner (Digital)

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Your best Ramadan yet.

The Ramadan Planner by Eternah is tailored to provide you with a meaningful and life-changing Ramadan. Stay engaged with this unique Ramadan planner that will help you create mindfulness, discover your habits, create personal accountability, and set goals that bring you closer to Allah تعالى.

The planner guides you through six phases spanning over 3 months to help you live a balanced spiritual life not only in Ramadan - but also throughout the year. Reflect, plan, and learn about the Prophetic ways to help nourish a more purpose-driven life.

When using this planner you will be prompted to:

- Start each new day with the name of Allah تعالى
- Learn to renew your intentions
- Set and track goals with a deep understanding of your purpose
- Discover habits to make or break
- Practice self-reflection at the end of each day to help nurture relationships with yourself and your loved ones
- End each day with gratitude - the key to success

What's inside the planner:

Pre-Ramadan‭: ‬The Month of Sha’ban‭: A personal development plan to help prepare your soul for the blessed month ahead‭.‬
‭ ‬
Phase One‭: ‬Ramadan Virtues and Du’as‭:
Read about the virtues and benefits of the month of Ramadan and the rewards of fasting‭. ‬Includes authentic ahadith and du’as you can memorize and recite for your spiritual journey‭. ‬

Phase Two‭: ‬Preparing for Your Journey‭:
Use this section to help you understand where you are with your imaan and‭ ‬‘ibaadah‭. ‬Create your own personal goals‭, ‬du’a list‭, ‬and detailed Qur’an plan‭.‬

Phase Three‭: ‬Your 30-Day Ramadan Journey‭:
Stay on top of your‭ ‬‘ibaadah with the 30-day Ramadan roadmap made just for you‭: ‬renew intentions‭, ‬prayer checklist‭, ‬daily schedule‭, ‬hadith of the day, ‬sunnah habits‭, ‬du’a of the day‭, ‬Qur’an tracker and daily reflection space‭. ‬

Phase Four‭: ‬End of Ramadan Reflections‭:
Reflect on your Ramadan and where you want to go next‭. ‬Discover the sunan of‭ ‬‘Eid‭. ‬

Phase Five‭: ‬The Journey Continues‭:
Learn how to maintain the spiritual feeling throughout the rest of the year‭. ‬Keep up with our extra 6-day roadmap for the ‬month of Shawwal‭. ‬

Bonus Sections‭:
What To Do If You Can't Fast
30-Day Shawwal Spread
Prophetic Nutrition
Prophetic Manners

Bonus Gifts ($47 Value)‭ 🎁

Late Feb 2024: Ramadan Recipes E-Book
Late Feb 2024: 99 Names of Allah Poster


✔️ Undated planner - use it for any year!

✔️ Ramadan roadmap: six powerful guided sections

✔️ Bonus sections: Prophetic manners, nutrition, and more!

✔️ Habit trackers, goal setting pages, reflections, gratitude pages

✔️ Daily Ramadan planner spreads

✔️ Empty dotted pages throughout for additional personalization or creativity

- These templates are great for infinite printing or using digitally on your computer or tablet/iPad. Plan on paper, digitally, or both!

- 1 PDF: Ramadan Planner

- You may print your file at home or at a local print shop to turn it into a book!
- You may print as many copies as you want for yourself throughout the years

All files are for personal use only and not for commercial use or to be resold/redistributed. Designs under copyright. Please reach out to if you would like a commercial license.

2024 Ramadan Planner (Digital)
2024 Ramadan Planner (Digital) Sale priceR 610.00