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Timeless Journal

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The Timeless Journal is an Arabic inspired daily guided reflective journal to help you connect back to your true self.

10 Unique Themes for Holistic Growth: Explore diverse themes focusing on both dunya (worldly life) and akhirah (hereafter), ensuring a well-rounded spiritual and personal development journey.

Cultivation of Mindful Daily Practices: Beyond mere writing, the journal encourages practices like gratitude, reflection on Allah's blessings, and mindful observation of life’s lessons.

Bilingual Pre-Dated Pages: Arabic and English pre-dated pages encourage consistency in journaling habits, making it accessible and structured for daily reflection.

365 Reflective Journal Prompts: A prompt for each day of the year, designed to ignite introspection and self-awareness, suitable to start at any point in time.

Structured Path for Personal and Spiritual Goals: The journal’s layout and prompts offer a guided path to setting and reflecting on both spiritual and worldly aspirations.

Flexible Start Anytime Approach: Whether it's the beginning of the year or any day you choose, the journal is designed to be adaptable to your start date, emphasizing its timeless nature.

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