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Quranic Du'as Leather Hardcover

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Hardback Vegan Leather Edition: Shipping Estimated July 7 2024

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When you're asking Allah

Whether it be for the deen, the dunya, the akhirah, money, a beautiful wife, a wealthy husband, a healthier body, to heal illnesses, a longer life, blessings of your parents

It hits home differently when you really understand what you’re asking Him for

It feels more powerful, more real

And there's so much we might not even think to ask for

This is where Quranic Du'as come in.

Ancient words that can change the course of your life.

Plus I don't know about you but when I make up a du'a on the spot 

(which is fine to do)

versus using one that the Prophets (may peace be upon them) used has a different feeling

Prophetic du'as are proven and powerful.

So powerful that Allah mentions them in the Qur'an!

It's time to take advantage.

Imagine this:

💸 Scenario 1: You're having trouble getting a job.

You open the Quranic Du'as and find the proven du'a Prophet Musa (Moses) read when he was desperate and in need.

💣 Scenario 2: You're feeling despair and helplessness because of world events.

You open Quranic Du'as and find the du'a of Prophet Musa (Moses) against Pharoah

🤰🏻 Scenario 3: You and your partner are eagerly trying to conceive.

Experiencing the emotional rollercoaster of starting a family.

You turn to the Quranic Du'as and discover the heartfelt supplication that Prophet Zakariyya (Zachariah) made for a child.

You can find all of these du'as in this book and dozens more.

We have extremely limited copies available set to ship in June.

Claim yours now.

You saw what happened with the Ramadan Planners...


Comprehensive Collection: Every du'a from the Quran is included, spanning over 250 pages of spiritual wisdom

Rich Historical Context: Dive deeper into the significance of each du'a with insights from Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Easy Reference: Quickly locate specific verses with complete Surah and Ayah references included

Organized for Reflection: Du'as are thoughtfully segmented by Prophets, aiding in study and contemplation

A Visual & Spiritual Aesthetic: Beautifully designed and illustrated by Eternah (pioneers and top Islamic infographics in the world)

For Every Age: Tailored to engage adults and children alike, making it a treasured resource for family bonding

Complimentary Audio Companion: QR codes for a recitation guide (with tajweed)

Beyond Personal Supplications: Explore du'as recited by angels and believers for an even deeper spiritual experience

Understanding Du'a: A special section dedicated to defining du'a, enhancing your knowledge and practice

Maximize Your Spiritual Potential: Learn the etiquettes and conditions of du'a to elevate the likelihood of acceptance

Recommended Times: Benefit from our bonus sections on the recommended times to recite each du'a for maximum impact 


  • Hardcover
  • 250+ pages
  • Vegan Leather
  • Full color printing
  • Black velvet gift box
  • Two ribbon bookmarks
  • B5 size: 17.6 × 25 cm | 6.9 × 9.8 inches.
  • 160 gsm premium ivory paper (it's some good paper)

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Barakallahu feekum for all the love and support thus far.

May Allah bless this for you.

Quranic Du'as Leather Hardcover
Quranic Du'as Leather Hardcover Sale price$79.00