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What's Inside?

Pre-Ramadan‭: ‬The Month of Sha’ban‭: A personal development plan to help prepare your soul for the blessed month ahead‭.‬
‭ ‬
Phase One‭: ‬Ramadan Virtues and Du’as‭:
Read about the virtues and benefits of the month of Ramadan and the rewards of fasting‭. ‬Includes authentic ahadith and du’as you can memorize and recite for your spiritual journey‭. ‬

Phase Two‭: ‬Preparing for Your Journey‭:
Use this section to help you understand where you are with your imaan and‭ ‬‘ibaadah‭. ‬Create your own personal goals‭, ‬du’a list‭, ‬and Qur’an plan‭.‬

Phase Three‭: ‬Your 30-Day Ramadan Journey‭:
Stay on top of your‭ ‬‘ibaadah with the 30-day Ramadan roadmap made just for you‭: ‬renew intentions‭, ‬prayer checklist‭, ‬daily schedule‭, ‬water intake‭, ‬sunnah habits‭, ‬du’a of the day‭, ‬Qur’an tracker and daily reflection space‭. ‬

Phase Four‭: ‬End of Ramadan Reflections‭:
Reflect on your Ramadan and where you want to go next‭. ‬Discover the sunan of‭ ‬‘Eid‭. ‬

Phase Five‭: ‬The Journey Continues‭:
Learn how to maintain the spiritual feeling throughout the rest of the year‭. ‬Keep up with our extra 6-day roadmap for the ‬month of Shawwal‭. ‬

Bonus Sections‭:

What To Do If You Can't Fast
Prophetic Nutrition
Prophetic Manners
Charity Tracker