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About Us

 In The Name of Allah‭, ‬The Most Gracious‭, ‬The Most Merciful‭.

All thanks and praise is due to Allah alone‭, ‬the Lord of the Worlds‭. ‬We praise Him‭, ‬seek refuge with Him‭, ‬and seek His forgiveness‭. ‬We seek refuge with Allah from the evils of our souls‭, ‬and the mistakes in our actions‭. ‬Whomever Allah Guides‭, ‬there is none‭ ‬who can misguide him‭, ‬and whoever Allah misguides‭, ‬there is none who can guide him‭. ‬Verily‭, ‬there is none worthy of being worshipped except Allah‭, ‬and Muhammad is His servant and Messenger‭.

‬At Eternah‭, ‬we aim to bring ihsan‭ (‬excellence‭) ‬into your everyday lives‭. ‬Linguistically‭ ‬ihsan is derived from the verb‭ ‬ahsana‭, ‬which means doing things better and in an excellent manner‭. ‬Thus the literal linguistic meaning of ihsan is doing the best‭, ‬namely goodness or excellence‭.

But in terms of how this applies to our lives‭, ‬our blessed Prophet‭ ‬ﷺ‭ ‬explained it best‭, ‬in the famous hadith‭. ‬In this hadith‭, ‬the angel Jibreel came disguised as a man and approached the Messenger‭ ‬of Allah‭ ‬ﷺ‭ ‬while his companions were present and proceeded to ask him questions about the religion‭. ‬The third question he asked was‭: ‬“what is Ihsan‭?‬”‭ ‬to which the Prophet‭ ‬ﷺ‭ ‬responded‭: ‬“Ihsan is to worship Allah as if you see Him‭, ‬for though you cannot see Him‭, ‬He sees you‭.‬”‭ ‬This is such a simple‭, ‬but simultaneously deep statement‭. ‬What does it mean to worship Allah as if we see him‭?‬
This is what Eternah serves to help you accomplish‭. ‬It is so easy to get distracted by the affairs and temptations of the dunya‭ ‬that we often lose focus of our true aim in life‭. ‬

Eternah was created for Muslims in mind to be able to blend excellence‭, ‬faith and‭ productivity in the 21st‭ ‬century‭.‬